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Engadine Flowers

Do you want fresh and fabulous flowers in Engadine? Let Sarah’s Flowers sort you out today.

30km south of Sydney’s CBD you’ll find the beautiful Engadine. We like to think of the town as the jewel in Sutherland’s floral crown, which is a grandiose way of saying our flowers are pretty special. We love this friendly community of 17,000 people who know that when they want a gorgeous pressie there’s only one place to go: Sarah’s Flowers. Why would they go anywhere else when we offer everything they need at their fingertips? Stunning bouquets, top notch gifts, speedy service, and value for money that shows we know what we’re doing. If you’re looking for a great gift of fresh flowers get in touch with us today and let us show you why our arrangements are so popular.

You’re in the wrong and you know it, but somehow you just can’t bring yourself to say the “s” word. You stepped way over the line now your missus is only speaking to you to call you names we can’t repeat here, and your neck has a crick from sleeping on the couch. Don’t let your barney last another day. Just a few clicks online or a quick call (the number above will take you straight to us) and you can show you’re sorry without having to say a word. It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong, and a clever one to do it without ever admitting to be at fault. A bouquet from Sarah’s Flowers says it all for you in sumptuous floral glamour. She wants (and deserves) an impressive public apology and something like Sunset Blend will give it to her. No one will miss the massive bunch of rainbow hued roses, lilies, gerberas and irises when we rock up to her work with them on your behalf, and because our prices offer great value for money your wallet won’t feel any pain.

Flowers aren’t just a fab way to apologise, they’re pretty much spot on for any time you need a pressie. Thinking about Mother’s Day? How about our delicate pink lilies and roses. Or perhaps you’re celebrating your anniversary, in which case our long-stemmed red roses are perfect. Whether you’re sending flowers as a “get well” gift to a loved one in hospital, or congratulating a friend on their promotion or graduation, our collection includes a stunning bouquet for every event. Our service is incredibly flexible. Not only can we take your order up to a year before you need flowers delivered to Engadine, we can receive it as late as 2pm (10am on Saturday) and still offer you a same day service at our usual low delivery rate. We also give you the option of adding an impressive additional gift like bubbly, choccies or a cute teddy bear to make your delivery really memorable. Sarah’s Flowers takes the pain out of pressie shopping so get in touch today and let us take care of it all for you with style and ease.

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